You've completed the hard (and hopefully fun) work. Now it's time to reflect upon the PBL's ingredients. Access the UNPACK tool to debrief all your Deeper Learning. It's an excellent opportunity to share with a global audience!

Designate the website to which you've published your work, or choose to include it here, within the PBL Lounge Repository. Upload additional materials to further showcase your PBLs & PBAs! You may include images, rubrics and examples of student work. Or provide additional student comments. All items will be located on your District's dedicated page, always accessible via  Discover/Search.




Use the UNPACK Tool for completed PBLs & PBAs. The tool is free to use! With it:

  • Share your successes with a professional learning network
  • Showcase significant work of students, as conducted within a Deeper Learning experience



Developed in cooperation with Deeper Learning Coaches, the UNPACK tool is a great resource to systematically PLAN a project!

Consider attributes when crafting a project, then once the project is complete, return to the tool to reflect, and bookend the PBL/PBA process.